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An Introduction to Youth Soccer Positions

Andrew Horun, Wrestling

Before graduating, Andrew Horun was a member of the Phillipsburg High School wrestling team and a National Honor Society student. Andrew Horun is an avid sportsman. In addition to his wrestling activities, Drew Horun has helped coach youth soccer and enjoys following a number of New York and New Jersey sports franchises.

As the popularity of soccer continues to rise in the United States, many parents and sports fans from older generations may find themselves a bit out of the loop. In some cases, a soccer parent may not even be aware of what position their child plays in a sport where the players are constantly moving up and down the field. Fortunately, positions in soccer are relatively easy to understand.
The goalkeeper is likely the most obvious position for most parents. Often abbreviated as goalie, the goalkeeper usually remains at the net and attempts to deflect the opposition’s scoring attempts. The goalkeeper is aided in his or her mission by a number of backs, the positional term for defensive players in soccer. Defensive backs usually remain in the first third of the field, particularly the fullback, or rearmost defender.
Continuing along the field of play, children covering the middle of the field are known as midfielders. These players fall back into a defensive position when opponents are in control of the ball, while pressing further up the field during their own team’s offensive possessions.
Lastly, offense-oriented players are known as forwards. An especially gifted scorer at the youth level may assume the position of striker, a role that shoulders the bulk of a team’s offensive burden. Of course, these are only the basic soccer positions. More specific positions exist, such as the attacking midfielder, while certain formations may do away with some roles or create altogether new positions.

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